Black Rum & Dynamite

Havana, 1956. Gunner Quinn is back on the CIA payroll, on the track of a mysterious gang of gun runners. Are they funding communist revolution or something far more sinister and deadly? And who is the beautiful castaway, China Tampico? From the jazz-fueled nightlife of pre-Castro Cuba, to dark backwaters where voodoo lurks, Black Rum & Dynamite sparkles with action, passion, and history come blazing to life.

Gunner Quinn is Back!

He finished the last beer and picked up the pistol, pointing it at the door. He tuned out the street noise from outside and focused his attention on the hallway outside his room. After a few minutes he heard footsteps on the stairs at the far end. Then they ended abruptly. A long rug ran down the middle of the hall. He could just make out a slight shuffling sound moving his way.

The shuffling stopped just short of his door. Someone whispered, short and intense. Shadows moved in the gap between the bottom of the door and the floor.

Someone knocked.

Remembering how short Bilotti was, he lowered the aim of his gun a few inches.

Havana, 1956. As Cuba boils with revolutionary violence, Gunner Quinn finds himself back on the  CIA payroll, hot on the trail of a gang of mysterious gun runners. Along the way, he dodges bullets, bombs, and the hungry passions of a beautiful woman named China Tampico…

Book Three of the Beatnik Spy Series has arrived: Black Rum & Dynamite. The action picks up where The Godhead Formula and The Red Jade Door left off; Gunner crosses paths in pre-Castro Cuba with mobsters, communist rebels, and deadly black magic.

Gunner’s trumpet playing has never been better and there was no better place to play than swinging old Cuba. But trouble finds him and soon he has switched his horn for his trusted M1911 .45. Bullets fly, bombs explode, and sinister voodoo rhythms hang in the air.

Black Rum & Dynamite is available on all platforms.